Ideal for weddings, Masonic nights and corporate events

Del Davies has been playing Classical Guitar since he was in his early Teens,
his repetoire includes those favourites that you know; but don't always know you know.
Favourites like Cavatina (The Deer Hunter theme ), Air on a G String (Hamlet Cigar Advert), Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Out of Town Theme Tune), plus more.

Del was resident Guitarist in the main resturant at The Chichester Hotel in Shotgate Essex where he entertained diners on the very popular Sunday lunchtime. for 6 years 1992/1998,

Classical Guitar has also proven to be popular at weddings, corporate and social events where some pleasant welcoming music is required as guest are arriving or some background music is required.

He has studied with the Royal Schools of Music and provides guitar and music reading skills to selected students.

Alhough working as a Classical Guitarist, Del is also part of a caberet duo "The Bodgits" and a Classic Rock Band "Scary Mary"

Telephone: 01359 258042
Mobile: 07754 438581



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